Keeping Your Crew & Business Clean

We Offer Pick-up & Delivery Services

With our uniform services, Village Laundry will wash all uniforms whether they are purchased or leased by your business. We can also provide your business with necessities such as first aid kits and slip-resistant mats.

Uniform Services

Uniforms, Scrubs, Lab Coats and More

At Village Laundry, we believe that a clean crew is a happy and productive crew! From industrial uniforms to healthcare scrubs and lab coats, Village Laundry can provide your staff with comfortable & high-quality uniforms. We will also wash all uniforms, whether they’re purchased or leased by your business.

Facilities Services

Mats, Mops, First Aid Kits and More

Spend more time focusing on your business, and less time worrying about small necessities. With Village Laundry Facilities Services, your business will be provided with products such as slip-resistant mats, mops & soaps, and first aid kits or cabinets.

Linen & Towel Services

Linens, Towels, Napkins and More

Village Laundry provides high-quality linens and towels to the restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, and many more industries across the region! We always promise the professional Village Laundry clean that we are known for.


At Bubbaʼs Bubbles, our mission is to always serve our customers effectively and efficiently! We focus on operating a flexible business that is designed to meet the needs of all of our customers, and also provides the finest quality service in the industry!

Making Dirty Clean

Contact us for special requests

Village Laundry will professionally wash all uniforms, whether your business has purchased or leased them. We are also able to offer delivery and pick up services to your business! If you have any special requests that will help us better and more effectively serve your business, contact us today!


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