Worry-free Uniform Services & More

Village Laundry has become a staple across the region for various industries. The Village Laundry team strives to help lighten the load for business owners through a variety of services, and also by creating a flexible operation that is designed to meet their needs. By doing so, we are able to provide businesses with the opportunity to spend more time focused on growing and less time worrying about uniform services,  first aid cabinets, floor mats, and more.


A clean crew is a happy & productive crew! Village Laundry can provide your staff with comfortable, high-quality uniforms through our uniform services.

Industries we Service:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Health Care

Scrubs & Lab Coats

Safety and hygiene is the most critical factor when it comes to healthcare and medical uniforms.

Industries we Service:

  • Health Care

Table Linens, Napkins & Aprons

With our linen, napkin and aprons, you can rest easy knowing our dependable service is meeting the needs of your business.

Industries we Service:

  • Food Service
  • Health Care


Contact us for special requests

Village Laundry will professionally wash all uniforms, whether your business has purchased or leased them. We are also able to offer delivery and pick up services to your business! If you have any special requests that will help us better and more effectively serve your business, contact us today!


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